Free Speech & Market Signals

The increases in well-being that result from innovation and creative destruction are greatly facilitated by the open flow of knowledge in society.

Realizing the benefits of such a marketplace of ideas requires an environment that fosters learning characterized by freedom of speech and thought—particularly the ability to challenge the status quo and voice one’s dissent from current social or political practices.

The free flow of knowledge is also an essential component of our economy, the primary engine of our prosperity. Free markets based on voluntary exchange and spontaneous order take advantage of the efficient transmission of information through a system of prices and profit and loss, not distorted by subsidies or anticompetitive regulation.

    Free Speech & Market Signals IN PRACTICE

Free Speech & Market Signals READINGS

The Framework for a Free Society is not a source of new concepts; rather, it is the recognition of the work of thinkers throughout history. The development of the Framework is grounded in a rich literature of both those texts that have advanced these ideas and those that have provided a contrasting world view. The following are some of the works that influenced the development of the Framework for a Free Society: